Nisbet Trust


About The Trust

Founded in 2011, The Nisbet Trust is an independent charitable trust primarily funded by the business activity of Key West Holdings, whose business comprises the management of holdings in trading subsidiaries and commercial property.

The Trust supports charitable causes in the Greater Bristol area through both single and multi-year grants. The Trust, which is overseen by its trustees, seeks to support organisations in four key focus areas. Read more about the Trust’s team.

The Trust focusses on supporting disadvantaged children and young people; promoting community and social inclusion; tackling and preventing homelessness; and supporting arts and performance venues and groups across Bristol. Read more about the Trust’s recent grants.

Our areas of focus

Children and Young People
Prioritising organisations and projects which support disadvantaged young people to gain skills and qualifications for employment.
The Arts
Supporting performance venues and activities for disadvantaged children and young people.
Prevention of Homelessness
Including support for organisations who provide advice and guidance to people at risk of losing their homes.
Community Cohesion
Projects which support equality, diversity and social inclusion for high need groups from all communities in the city.